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Sometimes smart people do really stupid things. And, there’s a reason why. It’s incredibly fun! Whether it’s cardboard boat races, cookie stacking competitions, or neighborhood water balloon fights, Smart People Being Stupid chronicles the adventures where seemingly rational, intelligent adults get together and face insurmountable odds to compete for, well, absolutely nothing except the joyous celebration of life in all of its absurdity.


As prior films in this series have screened in over 100 film festivals world wide and won many awards, Smart People Being Stupid is now poised to be produced as a regular unscripted show. To discuss these options, to screen our pilot (The Tall Bike Joust), or to suggest other suitable events for our series, please contact us below. 


Also, if you want to download our one sheet, please click here.

And to go to the professional site of our creator, Sam Frazier, Jr., please click here.

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